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Who we are ?

We are college students and trying to convince the desiring boys and girls of schools for our purpose. Our purpose is to develop a good society, helpful, welfared without involving money matters.

The society we are trying to design will consist of needy people including old men, women and children who are not able to convey their life due to money problem. So, we with the help of people around us, who do have some usable sort of materials like clothes, cycles, etc, that they can share to us will help those needy.

What we do ?

How we help ?

This website will contain our numbers, address, email id, amd other general informations about group members who will co-operate with those helpful ones to secure our motto.

There are parents who want their children receive a good life. They do have own goal but all of them collapses only due to money. If I being a student can think of that there then I am sure that if our approach to help stable people shows positive works then they can help build a good society and welcome our dreams and develop a welfared society.

Why you help ?

Where do we work ?

Just because we are starting, we do not have offices pm permanent sectors for work. We just broadly work and complete dreams.